Our Impact


From Our Patients

“My patient navigator helped me emotionally and financially this year. Following the death of my husband, I felt so sad every day. With COVID, I had so much despair every day and said I can’t be alone. Nathaly helped me schedule a free consultation with a psychologist, who worked with me to provide discounted medication. I am finishing my sessions and already feel so much better.” 

“I don’t know what would’ve happened to me if this [center] didn’t exist. I don’t speak English and Nathaly, my patient navigator, has been so helpful this past year. After my husband passed away, I had a tough time trusting the hospital and my doctors again. Nathaly’s support helped me overcome this fear and get to my mammogram this year.”

“Tyra, my patient navigator, goes above and beyond in making it convenient for me to make my appointments. To make sure I am following my screening guidelines, she calls every 6 months to schedule my mammography appointments. I really appreciate her time and service; she has eased my fears and made me feel like I had genuine support. She didn’t make me feel like a customer, but rather a person, and I love that.”

One Family’s Experience With Patient Navigation

This video highlights how navigating a woman to screening and treatment for breast cancer was helpful to her and her family before her untimely death.