Patient Navigation

About Patient Navigators at the Ralph Lauren Center

Our experienced patient navigators at the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Prevention help people access life-saving cancer screening services in the DMV area. While we do not provide direct screening services, our patient navigators can help people find a convenient screening location operated by our academic health system partner, MedStar Health, or other health centers.

Our patient navigators are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the support and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the health care system. We help break down barriers to care, such as insurance, transportation, and not having a primary care provider. Navigation is considered complete only when no additional health services are needed, or when a patient has completed treatment for cancer.

About Patient Navigation

  • Guides patients through the health care system
  • Help those without health insurance apply for health care support
  • Explain and arrange diagnostic screening services
  • Provide emotional support to patients and their families
  • Ensure that patients have follow-up care
  • Connect patients to appropriate social services
  • Help locate resources and support to meet patients’ needs

  • Increases access to health services and information
  • Enhances patients’ health-care experience
  • Reduces the number of delayed or missed appointments
  • Makes health care more efficient and effective

Our Patient Navigation Services

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